About Iggesund Forest

Iggesund Forest AB is one of the world´s largest manufacturers of harvester bars. We have designed and produced harvester bars in our factory in Sweden since 1986.



Our staff has over the years built up a very extensive knowledge and some of our employees have worked with us for over 20 years, which guarantees expertise and experience.

Iggesund Forest is renowned for focusing on the harvester operator to develop the best possible products and solutions, even in small batches, to meet the customer's needs. With all production within the company this enables greater flexibility and increased communication.

Since 2011 we're a part of the Olofsfors group based in Nordmaling, Sweden.

A good response is something that everyone appreciates. Staff at Customer Service helps you when ordering and answer to your questions.

You will meet our skilled sales staff on their travels and at fairs. Our sellers are specialists in bars and chains and listens carefully to any comments you may have so that we get a good basis for further improvement of our products. Your opinion matters to us!

We constantly improve our products to ensure that we continue to be the best in our field.






It all started in the early 1980´s when "Iggesunds Bruk", the big paper mill in Strömsbruk Sweden, was downsizing. To keep the staff employed they started to produce and repair harvester bars  in a small scale for the local forest contractors.

As the harvester bars were refurbisched, the staff gained a better understanding about how the bars are worn down and got ideas on how to design and produce a harvester bar that was better than those that were on the market. For many years the business also included sharpening harvester chains, but over time the emphasis became to increase harvester bar volumes.

Iggesund Skogstjänst was founded. Iggesund Skogstjänst started a more professional production of the "first" solid harvester bar in Sweden. The bars were commonly known as "Iggesund blue bars" and turned out to be very successful.

The decision to rename the company to Iggesund Forest was made in order to adapt to the international market as the requests from the export market increased.

The bar color changed from blue to black after some major improvements were made. 
Iggesund Forest started to be more active on the export market.

In 2011 Iggesund Forest was purchased by P Wikström J:r AB, and are now a part of the Olofsfors group based in Nordmaling, Sweden. Olofsfors AB is the global market leader in tracks for rubber tired forestry equipment.

Our export market has increased steadily since 2011. Iggesund Forest AB is represented in many countries around the world.

Celabrating 30 years and we developed Blue Line - the best harvester bars we have ever made. 

2017 -
The demand for our Blue Line bars has increased since the launch. To meet the demand we have hired more employees and most departments in production now work day, evening and night shifts. To secure fast deliveries and keep bars in stock we have invested in tents which makes it possible for us to keep stock in additionaly 710 square meters!