Harvester bar .404"

Blue Line is our strongest ever harvester bar with a unique metal alloy

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Blue Line is our strongest ever harvester bar with a unique metal alloy, that in combination with an improved tempering technique makes them stronger, more robust and more rigid so they are able to withstand all kinds of conditions.


Harvester bar .404"

"OPEN END" (open rear end mounting holes) is standard for all harvester bars with 15 mm slots. They are STRONGER. TOUGHER. FASTER bar mounting than before.

Blue Line is available for both 2.0 and 1.6 mm harvester chain and in many variants with 2 or 4 mounting holes.


Harvester bar SPECIAL - .404"

BLUE LINE XL - a wider and even more stable harvester bar. Minimizes vibrations on long lengths harvester bars for the biggest harvesters in clear felling.

XL harvester bars are also available with "OPEN END" (open rear end). Stronger. Durable. FASTER bar mounting than before.

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Harvester bar EW .404"

EW (Extra Wide) is a solid harvester bar with 10 mm slot. It is designed for energy wood harvester heads and multi-tree handling.

The EW is extra strong and its unique shape prevents the chain from jumping off.


Harvester Bar Energy .404"

We have the solution for the operator who wants to increase productivity. With our Energy harvester bar, the chain is protected from damage while minimizing the number of chain jumps.

We mount the shields on any Blue Line .404 " bar according to customer order.