Iggesund Forest Timber Sports Team did it again!

Once again our Iggesund Forest Sports Team are Nordic Champions. Between 6 different events, 2 of our members won gold and bronze. Congratulations!

On June 6th two of our Iggesund Forest Timber Sports Team participants took home Gold and Bronze metals at the Nordic Championships 2015.

The contest was held during Dyrskuemässan in Roskilde, Denmark, and participation was record high this time. There were 17 individual participants competing from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The first branch was Springboard which Hans-Ove Hansson won. When five of the six competitions were carried out, leading was Hans-Ove with five points over the runner-up Ole Ivar Lierhagen from Norway with third-place Brian Palsgaard from Denmark.

It was an exciting race in which six people had a chance to compete in the last event - Hot Saw. During Hot Saw event, anything can happen, which it did. The shooter needs to handle more than 30 kg heavy "monster chain saw", approx 80 hp with a chain speed of ca. 240 km/h. 

Hans-Ove won the Nordic Championship with a new Nordic record. Dane Preben Palsgaard finished well and came second in the Hot Saw. Calle Svadling (Iggesund Forest Timber Sports Team member) took third place. 
The new Nordic record in the Hot Saw was: 6.63 sec.



We are proud of our successful team.


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